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We truly appreciate all that you did to put the project together. It’s obvious that you are very talented indeed. Hopefully we will get an opportunity to work together in the future.

Herbie May

Director of Engineering/R&D

Remo Inc.

Rahul is truly an excellent professional to work with. I always received clear communication on a daily basis while working on projects and he'd send me needed materials before I even need to ask. Rahul's solutions to sound design problems always impressed me.  His attention to detail and hard work ethic will always make him the top of my list for sound designers I'd want to be on my team.   

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When I originally imagined and designed the script for our project with MediaWorks, I knew that having the right soound effects and driving electro music would be crucial in pulling off the effect I desired.
Sure enough - with no extra effort on my behalf - the exact right kind of sound effects (for typing into a Messaging App and awarding points to contestants_ were seamlessly added. 
I can truly says that this was the easiest and best experience I've ever had with sound EFX!

Founder of Macromedia,


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Rahul involved in our MediaWorks project surpassed our expectations! He worked professionally to understand our production needs and delivered an outstanding promotional video that we use on our website. It was a pleasure working with him and I commend Rahul for his talent, motivation, and determination to deliver professional quality work.

Deb Snyder


Saint Clair Community College

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Project Manager - Project X

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